In Exodus 22:18, God orders the death of witches, sorceresses and anyone who practices magic. Sadly enough, this verse was justification for the Inquisition.

The Index Librorum Prohibitorum was a list of publications prohibited by the Catholic church. It included amongst others, the books writtem by the astronomer Johannes Kepler and any versions of the Bible that were not written in Latin.

The list was finally discarded in 1966.

It was only in 1973 that the church allowed the bible to be translated into native languages. Now, we have many different translations in English alone :-)

In 1231, Pope Gregory IX dispatched the Inquisitors of Heretical Depravity to exterminate the wherever it may be found. By 1252, Pope Innocent IV authorized the use of torture to encourage extravagant and satisfactory confessions and valuable denouncements of others from the accused. During the inquisition which finally ended around 1860, some 20,000 people were burned at the stake, some were boiled in oil, thrown into dungeons and all were put thru excruciating torture for their heretical beliefs. Keep in mind that the concept of heresy is a thought crime.

The Vatican files on the Inquisition were released to the public in 1994.

The Spanish Inquisition: The Original Faith-based Initiative

The Spanish Inquisition and the Holy Inquisitions were an expression of Christian doctrine of brotherly love.

Until recently, Christians could simply burn or silence anybody who asked any inconvenient questions

Any religion that demands earthly vengeance and retribution for any reason is not a religion at all, but a mental illness and should be treated as such.

Here are some wonderful devices used to correct the thinking of the heathen, heretics, protestants, jews, muslims, pagans and atheists..

Had they known about electricity, we would have seen this.

Every priest regarded himself as the agent of God. He answered all questions by authority, and to treat him with disrespect was an insult offered to God. No one was asked to think, but all were commanded to obey.

In 1208 the Inquisition was established. Seven years afterward, the fourth council of the Lateran enjoined all kings and rulers to swear an oath that they would exterminate heretics from their dominions. The sword of the church was unsheathed, and the world was at the mercy of ignorant and infuriated priests, whose eyes feasted upon the agonies they inflicted. Acting, as they believed, or pretended to believe, under the command of God; stimulated by the hope of infinite reward in another world -- hating heretics with every drop of their bestial blood; savage beyond description; merciless beyond conception, -- these infamous priests, in a kind of frenzied joy, leaped upon the helpless victims of their rage.

They crushed their bones in iron boots; tore their quivering flesh with iron hooks and pincers; cut off their lips and eyelids; pulled out their nails, and into the bleeding quick thrust needles; tore out their tongues; extinguished their eyes; stretched them upon racks; flayed them alive; crucified them with their heads downward; exposed them to wild beasts; burned them at the stake; mocked their cries and groans; ravished their wives; robbed their children, and then prayed God to finish the holy work in hell.

Can you just feel the love from Christianity?

Executing heretics was necessary because their thoughts were considered dangerous to the church.

They were killed and tortured for thought crimes.

If you think that the Inquisition is over, you would be wrong. The Inquisition lives on in Massachusetts in the state's Blasphemy law. You can be incarcerated for denying the existence of something that clearly does not exist.

Any religion that demands earthly vengeance and retribution for any reason is not a religion at all, but a mental illness and should be treated as such.

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