The United States population is approaching 327 million people, of which approximately 42 million are blacks or about 14%.

The Commonwealth of Massachusett's population is 6.9 million of which some 614,000 are blacks or 8.9%

The United States population of Jews is about 5 million, of which between 20,000 to 200,000 are blacks, or about 4%.

In the jewish leadership, I suspect less than one percent (1%) are black.

Examine thousands of images of jewish rabbis. Count the black ones on one hand. In their defense, they all seem to wear black clothing and black hats. The senior ones wear more flamboyant clothing and hats (usually designed by gays) to accentuate their seniority in the bullshit department.

Most have that standard black hat, beards and strangely enough wear glasses.

According to their Torah, all of them have been circumcised in order to have their covenant with their angry malevolent sky creature, Yahweh, the penis inspector.

I would love to see a collage of all the members of Temple Beth Am or Temple Beth Sholom. in Framingham.
It would be just as lilly white as a collage of all the police chiefs and the judges in our district courts .

Do a google search using the term: Metrowest Jewish Day School

Then go to the "Images" tab. Create a mental collage of all the images you see.

How many kids are niggahs, black, african americans or kids of color?

When I think about it, I have not seen a single black jew in Framingham.
Not even a one-eyed black jew like Sammy Davis Junior.

Seems to me that Jews are far more white power, white supremacy supporters than the population as a whole. The ADL propaganda machine ignores this point.

These lilly-white porch monkeys take a strong stand against white supremacy in order to detract you from seeing them as white supremacists.

They are like these anti-gay preachers trying to detract you from the fact that they are gay. It's not the gay outside they hate. It's the gay inside (credit to George Carlin).

Again, according to their Torah, in Deutoronomy 13, they are given their marching order from Yahweh, to kill people such as myself, an unbeliever. There are many others commands in the Torah, that if they were to be correctly executed by the Jews, 95% of the world's population would be sent to death camps run by Jews.

These rabid rabbis make a really nice living getting an average annual income of $140,000 to spew their hatred. .

Yeshiva University in NY is 93% white.

Click to enlarge. See any blacks or women?

Click to enlarge. See any blacks or women?

ADL defined hate symbols.

My defined hate symbols.

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