Jews, Christians and Muslims consider the Torah, the Bible and the Quran to be the inerrant word of Yahweh, God or Allah.
Bear in mind that neither Moses, Jesus or Mohammad knew how to write, but they had scribes write down their recollections of what God or Allah said.
The timespan between when they were told (the revelations) and when they had someone write down their (perhaps flawed) memories is unknown.

  1. Imaginary friend (God)
  2. Imaginary enemy (Satan)
  3. Magical flying bird people (angels)
  4. Creation of Heavens and Earth (sun, earth, moon, and untold trillions of stars) in six days
  5. Animals/plants created from nothing.
  6. Man created from dust by the breath of god (Judaism, Christianity)
    Why would god create Adam with two useless nipples and a belly button?
  7. Man created from a clot of blood (Islam)
  8. Woman created from man's rib with God's breath
  9. The Garden of Eden with magical trees. Non-reproducing,non-seeding tree of Life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
  10. Talking serpent (who thwarts omniscient God's plan) (Satan?). How come we no longer have talking serpents?
  11. Loss of immortality (Garden of Eden scene)
  12. The lord becomes a tailor and makes clothing for Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:21)
  13. Adam and Eve are banned from the Garden of Eden and kept out by an angel with a flaming sword. Why do angels need flaming swords? (Genesis 3:24)
  14. Lions, tigers, dinosaurs were all vegetarians at one time, before the fall (Genesis 1)
  15. The Nephilim (sons of God) took daughters of man as their wives. (Genesis 6:1:4).
    Two organisms are in the same species if they can mate and produce a fertile offspring.
  16. Noah's Ark and the Flood
    Noah, a 500 year old man and his three 100+ year old sons, with no modern tools or electricity, built the largest wooden ship ever (Genesis 6-9) at the time.
    Animals from all over the earth including sloths, kangaroos, ant eaters, penguins and polar bears trekked to the middle east to climb onto Noah's boat (Genesis 6-9)
    Only two ants were provided to feed the anteaters.
  17. Men living for 900 plus years. Have you ever looked at 100 year old people?
  18. A woman turning into a pillar of salt (Lot's wife).
  19. A burning bush (burning shrubbery) that talks to Moses and gives him two stone tablets of morality.
  20. The Exodus from Egypt (no evidence at all)
  21. Moses parting the Red Sea (Exodus 14:6)
  22. Moses stick/staff turning into a snake (Exodus)
  23. The lord makes bread fall from the sky (Exodus 16:4)
  24. The Earth is flat: (Revel 7:1)
  25. Two she bears commanded by Jehovah to kill 42 children (2 Kings 2:24). Those kids were dumber than shit and waited their turn to be killed and did not run away.
  26. The earth stopped its rotation and the moon stopped orbiting the earth and then restarted after Joshua's battle (Joshua 10)
  27. Circumcision so YAHWEH can identify you.
  28. A young virgin Mary gives birth to God's son.
  29. God fucked his own mother to give birth to himself.
    Alien inseminations should have different DNA.
    Two organisms are in the same species if they can mate and produce a fertile offspring.
    God cannot possibly look like us unless he himself evolved on Earth.
  30. Jesus walking on water
  31. Jesus making water into wine (without fusion).
    Making carbon dioxide requires fusion (tens of million degrees).
  32. Jesus eats nothing for forty days while tempted by the devil (Luke 4:2)

  33. The stars will fall back onto the earth when Jesus returns. It's going to get roasty toasty.
  34. Resurrection from the dead (Jesus) and enters Heaven
    Resurrection was the key to the growth of Christianity.
    It's funny how it's only allegedly happened once in 2,000 years.
  35. The sun went dark for 3 hours (Matthew 27) Keep in mind the longest solar eclipse is 7 minutes and that just darkens a relatively small spot on the earth.
  36. Zombie apocalypse (dead people come out of their tombs) (Matthew 27:52-53)
  37. Eating the flesh of Jesus and drinking his blood will save you. Even if the cracker/wafer might be part of his testicles, penis or asshole.
  38. The ascension of Jesus Christ (Mark 16:19) - note Right Hand of God. The mexican midgets sit on the left side.
  39. Jonah lives inside a large fish for three days (Jonah 1:17)
  40. Fire and brimstone and torture for eternity (Hell) and Eternal punishment begins after death.
  41. Eternal bliss (Heaven)
  42. The existence of souls in each of us.
  43. The stain of original sin we all carry with us (not seen in DNA).
    Original sin is the basis of Christianity.
  44. Prayers can move mountains? (Matthew 17:20) Can you please show us water flowing uphill.
    Communications across an interdimensional void to address god.
  45. Fish with money in their mouth (Matthew 17:27)
  46. Why we speak so many different languages (Tower of Babel, Genesis 11)
  47. Why animals have different skin patterns (Genesis 30:37-39)
  48. A three-headed god.
  49. Healing the sick, drinking poison will not harm... (Mark 16:17-18)
  50. Demon pigs drown themselves (Mark 5:13)
  51. Unicorns (Numbers 23:22, Job 39:9, Isaiah 34:7)
  52. The Lord wanted 32 virgins (sex was not specified) (Numbers 31:15-41)
  53. Cockatrices, flying fire breathing roosters (Isaiah 14:29)
  54. Dragons (Book of Job 41-9)
  55. Talking asses (Numbers 22:28) And the Lord opened the mouth of the ass
    What happened to the lineage of talking donkeys?
  56. The all powerful Lord was unable to stop iron chariots (Judges 1:19)
    I suspect that an F-35 with B-61 nukes would incinerate the lord.
  57. A man killed 1000 men single-handedly with the jawbone of an ass (Judges 15)
  58. People have great strength because of their hair (Samson) (Judges 16)
  59. God commands your slaves to obey you (Colossians 3:22)
  60. It's OK to toss your kids over a cliff onto rocks below (Psalm 137:9)
  61. A Divine Plan
  62. Divine Protection
  63. Elijah goes to Heaven. In a chariot of fire and horses (2 Kings 2-11).
  64. Flying horses (Islam)
  65. The moon splits in two (Islam: Surah 54:1).
  66. The Pope is a direct emissary of God (Catholicism)
  67. The value of Pi is 3. (1 Kings 7:23)
  68. Collecting 200 foreskins as a trophy (1 Samuel 18:27).

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