The Holy Trinity, the hybrid three-headed God from the Micene Conference might have been created to draw in the pagans who practiced polytheism.

The Micene conference also established Easter as an important date.

It's definitely one of the most absurd beliefs in our religions.

In 2010, Pope Benedict described priestly celibacy as a "gift" from God. This is a pathetic lie.

Clerical celibacy was mandated by the Church authorities over one thousand years ago to stop the loss of church property by its being inherited by the sons of priests. Pope Nicholas II (1058-1061) legislated against the then common practice of priests marrying.

Bishop Ulric of Imola contended that such a rule opposed a natural right and might incline some clergy to homosexual relationships.

This means the molestation of children by the clergy has been going on for over a thousand years and will continue.

The push for celibacy obviously implies that the faith was driven by greed in the acquisition of land and wealth. The love of Jesus and God had a very small role.

Always remember that Catholic priests are celibate to protect the wealth of the church. It has nothing to do with spirituality.

Always apply Priest Off on your prepubescent boy children before you allow them to come in direct contact with Catholic priests.

St. Stephens seems to be infested with priests (Father Pacos, Rev. Albert H. Stankard, Father Franciso Anzoategui). These three idiots have dedicated their lives to an imaginary three-headed sky-fairy. How many priests are needed per church? Are these people on shifts?

Some of the more esoteric beliefs of catholics are:

  • the concept of original sin
    Original sin is given to you (free of charge) as an imaginary disease, so that they can sell you an imaginary cure.

  • God is a three-headed hydra (father, son and holy ghost)

  • The virgin Mary is the mother of God (abstinence fails)

  • The Holy Ghost commmited adultery (seventh commandment) with the virgin Mary (Joseph was apparently impotent).

  • The Ascension (Mary went to heaven after her death)

  • Transubstantiation (the Eucharist), eating the flesh of Jesus and drinking his blood via communion (cannibalism - eating your imaginary friend!).

  • The Pope is an emissary of God, gets Divine revelations and is infallible.

Catholic church timeline

There existed a greek speaking catholic church in the Byzantine Empire and a Latin speaking catholic church in western Europe. The formal schism within the church occured in 1054 and created the Greek Orthodox Church

The Protestant Reformation was based on Martin Luther's revolutionary insistence on direct communications with God, unmediated by a priest.

What's the point of being a Catholic or a Christian if you can't enjoy the thought of other people suffering for eternity?

Emergency Baptism Kit

How many times have you been hanging from a precipice, pushing the speed limit in your BMW, walking into divorce court, or driving while talking on your cell phone and you've thought, What will happen if I fall, crash, choke, or get flattened and die, without being baptized? The answer is that you will go straight to hell.

Never forget that everlasting life and eternal damnation are lurking just around the next corner. When disaster strikes, and there is no hope of saving your body, make certain that the first folks on the scene can help save your soul.

Carry an Emergency Baptism kit wherever you go!

John Wayne Gacy was a Roman Catholic who loved his children. He kept them mostly in his backyard by the garage. Each of the teenage boys was killed after he repeatedly raped them, read them Biblical verses, beat them and strangled them. Another outstanding Christian.

Catholicism messes with your mental health SO MUCH! There is just so much guilt.

  • Guilt for not praying.
  • Guilt for not fasting.
  • Guilt for feeling sexually attracted to someone.
  • Guilt for masturbating.
  • Guilt for eating certain foods.
  • Guilt for dressing a certain way.
  • Guilt for things that are in no way hurting another human being.
  • Guilt for everything.

The Roman Catholic Church has never relinguished power in our society. They seem to run an inordinate number of law schools where they prime lawyers and judges on the old religious ways.

Catholic University, Columbus Law Schools

Boston College Law School

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