For you non-biblical people who wonder who David was and how he became so much the hero of the Jews that they dedicated their flag to him. The Star of David.

David started his biblical career by vanguishing the Philistine giant called Goliath with his slingshot.

King Saul offered him the hand of his allegedly virgin daughter if David could bring back the foreskins of 100 Philistines. David exceeded this by bringing back 200 foreskins.

1 Samuel 18:27 (David and his 200 foreskins)

It is assumed that a foreskin came from a dead Philistine, but in all honesty this might not have been the case.

If you like cutting off foreskins from dead or live people, check out what our biblical hero, future King David did with the Philistines

He brought home 200 foreskins. Imagine the fun you can have slicing and dicing foreskins all day. I do wonder how long it takes to cut off a man's foreskin with a crude cutting instrument like a rock. I can easily imagine it being a messy deal. Ahh! The smell of Philistine blood. All that screaming.

Imagine a young 18 year old live Philistine hogtied while you whittle off his foreskin with a flint rock.. let him beg for mercy, let him scream...

If you deepfry the foreskins, they make a tasty snack to be eaten with crackers, cheese and wine. Good source of protein.

There is no reason you can't stick a glowing red hot poker up his ass while you're there cutting his foreskin, just for the entertainment value.
There's a hard boner in it!

I do not know of any other hero from the mythical past that had a foreskin collection .

One wonders if this guy David also had a nipple collection , or
perhaps a nice vagina collection.

The bible seems incomplete.

We have now learned that the jewish symbol is to honor a perverted mass murderer, the Honorable King David.

Our Middlesex County Sheriff proudly displays this symbol at their Billerica prison (facility).

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