As long as your god gives me no peace, I decided to give it no rest in return.

I am a staunch atheist. I do not believe that any respect or deference is owed to any person, regardless of their social position, who demonstrates willful ignorance and unjustifiable intransigence by continuing to believe in the nonsense and absurdity of any god's existence.

We (human beings) are products of the serendipity and happenstance of the universe. There is not a more succinct way of stating the fact.

Every scientific discipline, on their own proofs, whether empirically deciphered from the incredibly small domain of biology to the astonishing large reach of cosmology, offers knowledge and data that obliterates the unchanging, recurrent arguments and reasonings from generations of religious zealots and purveyors of faith.

This fact cannot be repudiated. At the very least, by the beginning of the new century (2000), it had been established that there is no tangible evidence of, nor any cogent argument for, and no credible theory that could be submitted and subjected to the scrutiny of telescopes, microscopes, complex mathematics, and physics that could enable any learned panel, of any make or constitution, to objectively, rationally, conscientiously and justly declare - even on the lesser legal standard of the balance of probability - that somewhere in this universe, there probably exists an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient creature identifiable as god/allah.

Today in particular, it is an act against the interest of all Americans for politicians and courts to acquiesce, coddle, and condone those who chose to be willfully ignorant and who remain unjustifiably intransigent; to offer protections to those who deliberately refuse to make any attempt to understand, let alone respect, the true value of empirical science. Such people refuse to even ponder the endless contradictions between science and religious faith. Instead, they choose to ignore science and wrap themselves around the nonsense and absurdity of god/allah. For politicians and the courts to argue they have an obligation of neutrality is a direct act against the continuing needs and long-term interest of all Americans.

Billions of people around the world have either prayed or pray regularly to god/allah. Millions of Muslims around the world have prayed multiple times a day. Billions and billions of prayers throughout history. Whether it be prayers to heal personal sickness or prayers to heal a family member, prayers for personal success or prayers for the misfortune of others. Despite any manner of prayer and reason to request divine intervention, not one prayer has ever been granted to one human being in all of history. This said, I will pay $15,000.00 to any person who can provide tangible, unequivocal, and unquestionable proof that the God of the bible/allah of the koran answered a prayer. (sorry, too poor to offer more but that does not prevent anyone else from adding more)

Disclaimer: While I did not compose this text, I completely agree with it, including the $15K offer.

In fact, I will pay $25,000 for a talking serpent plus a bonus $15,000 if the talking serpent can teach high school algebra.

I will pay $25,000 for a talking ass plus a bonus $15,000 if the talking ass can teach quantun field theory (QFT).

I will pay $50,000 for one of them fancy walking sticks like Moses had .

I will pay $100,000 for a flying horse. The type that flies to Heaven and Jerusalem.

Atheism really is AND SHOULD be this simple.

There is no evidence. As cliche as it may sound, its this simple. The Bible in its essence is a supernatural claim, its filled with an abundance of myth-like stories, however this text as a whole is completely anecdotal, unsubstantiated, and unverifiable. There is no reason to believe any of its claims. Just like the many religions and Gods since the dawn of man dozens of thousands of years ago, the Abrahamic God is no different in its claim.

Beyond all that, all religions want to kill the unbelievers and murder the apostates

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